SiMoney 2.1.6

Developer SimonePernice
Date Added May 26, 2008
Type Free full version
Platforms Java ME
Connectivity Internet not required
Website SiMoney website

Description by SimonePernice

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SiMoney is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, see SiMoney was written by Simone Pernice from scratch. Version 2.0.0, 9th July 2006 Turin, Italy. Build 134. I began SiMoney as a basic account manager for my own needs. Every day hundreds of people download it and a lot of them send me emails about bugs to fix and features to add. It takes longer and longer time to debug and improve SiMoney. So if you like SiMoney and you want I continue to develop it please send a donation/postcard to: Simone Pernice, Via Alagna 11, 10155 Torino, Italy.

To be updated on new versions, ask questions, suggest improvements or changes, fix bugs e-mail to Greetings to: Stefania Giaconia for improvement suggestions, Billy Boyle for spelling and grammar corrections.

SiMoney is given AS IT IS, WITHOUT ANY warranty. In order to simplify the code there is ONLY one way to do everything, so be patient and read the help. At first execution SiMoney creates a basic standard set of lists of elements: accounts, categories (and main categories), payees and currencies. Every account has its own currency. For each account it is possible to add transaction with date, amount, category and payee. Transactions can have an alarm and be recurrent.

Lists share some basic commands:

  • ADD to add elements,
  • CLONE is to add but the screen values are pre filled with current element data,
  • DELETE to delete elements, select an element to shown it or modify it,
  • REPORT to get graphical or textual report on the list,
  • SEARCH to search for an element name forward
  • NEXT or backward PREVIOUS,
  • HELP (if available) to get specific list help.

The elements of some list are linked to elements of other lists, to link write a string in the text field to go to the element with closer name in the required list where it is possible to:

  • ADD if the element does not exists, select the element to link,
  • UNLINK to remove the existing link.
  • DEFAULT (if available) to set an element as default choice for linked elements.

Other functions are:

  • Synchronize to backup/restore/manage lists with an USB cable,
  • infrared, Bluetooth (downloading SiMoney version with JSR82 support for enabled phones) and a terminal program in Unicode format (readable for spreadsheet) or backup/restore on phone file system (if JSR75 is supported);
  • Calculator to evaluate expressions;
  • Password to set a password.
It is possible to pause SiMoney without data lost to short SiMoney begin and end time.

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