ELC 0.9.5

Developer SimonePernice
Date Added May 26, 2008
Type Free full version
Platforms Java ME
Rating Not yet rated
Connectivity Internet not required
Website ELC website

Description by SimonePernice

For details see: http://simonepernice.freehostia.com/J2ME/ELC/elc.html

ELC (Expandible Linear Converter) is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, see www.gnu.org. ELC was written by Simone Pernice from scratch. Version 0.9.6, 8th October 2006 Turin, Italy. Build 6.

ELC is based on the library net.dclausen.microfloat written by David Clausen for floating point computation and on SiMoney graphic library classes written by Simone Pernice.

ELC pre-installed conversion units come from www.themeter.net and "Tabelle di conversione unità di misura" by Andrea Cavalleri.

If you like ELC and you want to help its development send a donation/postcard to: Simone Pernice, Via Alagna 11, 10155 Torino, Italy.

To ask questions, suggest improvements, add new measure or changes, add new conversion units, fix bugs e-mail to pernice@libero.it

Greetings to: Stefania Giaconia user interface improvement suggestions.

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