Azi's Gerbil of Armageddon 1.0.00

Developer Aziraphal
Date Added August 14, 2010
Type Free full version
Platforms Java ME
Connectivity Internet not required
Website Azi's Gerbil of Armageddon website
Azi's Gerbil of Armageddon

Description by Aziraphal

A flying superhero Gerbil, after having been shot out of a cardboard tube (don't ask!!), embarks on a bloody rampage of destruction only small cuddly rodents are capable of. Armed with an endless supply of bombs he must face cactus projectiles, aggressive false teeth, jet-propelled chicken legs, outrageous Internet memes such as the Ceiling Cat and the O'Rly Owl, and last but not least the Game Creator's detached head on a flying saucer. This and much more awaits those who can handle it in the wackiest cover of the classic Scramble game ever!

  • Several levels with more and more outlandish enemies appearing as you progress!
  • Several different routes to victory possible; this is no boring one-shot arcade! When (if ever) you win this impossibly difficult game, try another path!
  • AUTO-SNAPSHOT. The game can be interrupted and continued at a later time - ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Switch the phone off before your teacher or girlfriend spots you playing with yourself - you can resume the fun later on; no need to reserve a dark room free from all outside intrusions to beat your high score! The main menu defaults to "Continue" when a valid game snapshot is saved.
  • Annoying in-game music! [yes, can be switched off in Settings menu]
  • Free!!

Reviews and Comments

Eagle_Kiwi / LG T310 Cookie Style / May 29, 2012

Very colourful, but sluggish, and really not suitable for a phone app, in my view. :-(