myRMX Ringtone Remixing Game (Rock) 1.0

Developer Lower Mars, LLC
Date Added May 10, 2009
Type Free full version
Platforms Symbian
Rating Not yet rated
Connectivity Internet not required
Website myRMX Ringtone Remixing Game (Rock) website
myRMX Ringtone Remixing Game (Rock)

Description by Lower Mars, LLC

myRMX™ is a music remixing game designed specifically for mobile phones.

Anyone can remix mixPACKs (songs) provided by famous and discovery artists using the keys right on their mobile phone. Share your remixes (mixTONEs) with your friends using MMS and they can listen to your remix, re-mix your remix and send it back to you or on to other friends.

Players can save their mixTONEs as ringtones for personal use, and will be able to post their mixTONEs on to compete in contests. mixTONEs can soon be posted to the players' MySpace, Facebook, Bebo (and other) social networking profiles for all their friends to hear.

Rock package comes with myRMX and two mixPACKs:

Craving Lucy - "Burn" March Hare - "Lost at Sea"

Other mixPACKs can be downloaded separately

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