vtap videos & wikipedia 1.11

Developer vtap
Date Added March 6, 2009
Type Free ad supported
Platforms Symbian
Connectivity Internet required
Website vtap videos & wikipedia website
vtap videos & wikipedia

Description by vtap

Through vtap you can search for videos from Internet sites like youtube, metaface, myspace, dailymotion and 1000s other sites and play them in your mobile. You can choose from a collection of 200million videos. vtap also provides an easy way to search through wikipedia.

Here are some excerpts taken from a great review of this app by symbian-guru.com:

"vTap's main feature seems to be its claim to fame - 'videos from everywhere'. The service helps you find media from a ton of sources quickly on your phone. Those sources include news media outlets, user submitted media and of course the perenial favorite of millions, YouTube. vTap claims that a continually growing collection of 200 million videos from thousands of sites is readily and quickly available from the service."

"While the video searching function of vTap is slick and quite useful in a number of scenarios, what I find to be really cool is the Wikipedia/Wiktionary search. The impromptu abilitly to lookup information on movies and TV, sports, history, people and other various facts has no doubt already saved society more than a few black eyes, and vTap only makes this easier and quicker."

Reviews and Comments

laroi / HTC P4500 Hermes / March 9, 2010

I have a blackberry 8350i