SMS Forwarder Pro 3.0

Developer Wireless Labs Technologies
Date Added February 28, 2009
Type Free demo/trial version
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Platforms Symbian
Rating Not yet rated
Connectivity Internet required
Website SMS Forwarder Pro website
SMS Forwarder Pro

Description by Wireless Labs Technologies

Most mobile communication operators provide call forwarding service so we can forward our call from a phone to another. But few operators provide message forwarding service. How to solve the problem? SMS Forwarder Pro is the answer.

SMS Forwarder can forward incoming short messages from a phone to other cellular phones. The software reads every incoming message, clones it and then forwards the clone message to your desired phone numbers.

For example, Mr. Bob has two phones (A and B). He puts phone A at home which has SMS Forwarder installed. He only takes phone B with him in another city. Alice sends a short message "Hello!" to Bob's phone A. Alice's phone number is 10000. SMS Forwarder on phone A receives the message and then automatically sends out a message "From 10000 Alice: Hello!" to phone B. Mr. Bob will not miss any message.


  • Forward incoming sms to other cellular numbers.
  • Support white/black numbers list.
  • Support content inspect.
  • Support auto-start.
  • Support all sms encoding (7bit/8bit/UCS2).
  • Information of original sender (number and name) also gets forwarded.

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