ReadManiac 2.5.2

Developer Roman Lut
Date Added May 14, 2008
Type Free full version
Platforms Java ME
Connectivity Occasional/Optional Internet
Website ReadManiac website

Description by Roman Lut

ReadManiac 2.5.2 is a bookreader midlet for mobile phones. With ReadManiac, you can search, download and read books using practically any mobile phone with JAVA support.


  • ReadManiac FULL can search and download new books from the internet - and this makes it a true library in the pocket;
  • Besides standard phone fonts, ReadManiac can use custom small fonts for comfortable reading on a small phone screen, including the ability to create and embed user fonts;
  • The program has powerful options for text formating, allowing you to use a small phone screen in full;
  • Bookmarks and search features are supported;
  • On Siemens phones, and phones with JSR-75 or Motorola FileAccess API, ReadManiac FULL has a built-in file browser to access the phone's filesystem. Text file size is limited only by available space in FLEX memory or on MMC card;
  • TXT, PDB, PRC and TCR formats are supported;

Please check our online manual for a full list of features and instructions on how to use ReadManiac.

We also have a version of ReadManiac for phones supporting ZIP files, which will save on bandwidth when downloading books. In addition, you can download the LITE and TINY versions which are smaller than the FULL version. They have an embedded book and are built from your PC. There are also versions in many other languages which support different character sets for reading text in different languages. Visit our website to view and download these other versions.

Reviews and Comments

newb / Samsung SGH-T919 (Behold) / August 21, 2010

Awesome! Love, love, love this app! It remembers your place and the location of your files. You can go to a certain page or bookmark. If you have trouble with the light blinking on and off turn off the backlight from the options menu. It's best to keep the Behold's backlight on while using this app, so change that setting on your phone too.

tia82 / Nokia N81 / March 25, 2009

If you get this working, it is a pretty good book reader app.

pocketcollector / Samsung SGH-E250 / February 10, 2009

Works well if you want to read any .txt file on your mobile. I use an online tool to convert .pdfs into .txts and then use Readmaniac to view them. Very cool.

Tom / Nokia 6300 / July 13, 2008

Loads of it working on my Nokia 6300 after a bit of trouble downloading books.