XtremeBlocks 2.1

Developer XtremeGameX
Date Added November 1, 2008
Type Free full version
Platforms Java ME
Connectivity Internet not required
Website XtremeBlocks website

Description by XtremeGameX

Breakout arcade style game, bouncing the ball in the paddle we must destroy the blocks, we can take objects to help or to obstruct our mission.

This game is totally free, ad-free and no internet connection is needed. You don't need to register but there is an activation code required, which is a measure to avoid others making a profit from xtremegamex software.

Activation of the game is very simple. You can get the activation code from the xtremegamex website. First download the game to your phone and open the application. It will give you a numerical code which you must enter into the xtremegamex website. This will generate a further code, which you then enter into the application on your phone. You will now have full, free access to the game.

More info wwww.xtremegamex.com

Reviews and Comments

Eagle_Kiwi / LG T310 Cookie Style / May 29, 2012

Gameplay is fine. I agree ball sticks to bat briefly each hit, but that doesn't bother me at all. But there's no Top 10 facility (in fact it's quite hard to even find what your score WAS when game ends!) so I won't be keeping it.

walker / SonyEricsson C905 / March 27, 2009

I like breakout and I like shoot-em-ups, so I am fan of this game. One thing, I don't really like the way the ball sticks to the bat, but that is only a minor quibble.

getnikkoo / LG KG195 / December 26, 2008

more better after activation

getnikkoo / LG KG195 / December 26, 2008

nice and need low space