J2MEQRCode 2.0

Developer DrHu
Date Added September 22, 2008
Type Free demo/trial version
Platforms Java ME
Connectivity Internet not required
Website J2MEQRCode website

Description by DrHu

If you are interested in J2ME QR Code Encode and Decode, here comes a wonderful J2MEQRCode application. It supports MIDP 2.0 with CLDC 1.0, yes CLDC 1.0. This is the only application that supports CLDC 1.0 mobile phone as far as I know.
It runs on my Motorolla V188 model. Although, there is no camera equipped with this phone, I can still run the application.

With this application:

  • You can encode a string to a QRCode image and then upload to PC or send to your friends.
  • You can load QRCode image from a website or from your local file, decode it.
  • You can take a snapshot of a QRCode with your camera phone and decode it.
  • You can save the QRCode image to your phone.
  • Unicode is supported, you can decode a GB2312 Chinese characters QR encoded image on my phone if your phone supports Chinese fonts.

If the decoded string is wap page, you can visit it; If the decoded string is a phone number you can make a call; If the decode string is a rtsp protocol, you can view a movie.

Try this application and see how it works!

Note: If your phone does not support JSR 135: Mobile Media MAPI After download the J2MEQRCode.jad, you only need to delete the line MIDlet-Push-1: mms://:www.drhu.org.QRCode, J2MEQRCodeMidlet, * before install in your mobile phone.

Need Online Encode/Decode, click here. To get the activation code for this application click here! What's new in version v2.0. You will notice that both the speed and decode accuracy improves dramatically! ReedSolomon bug be fixed.

Reviews and Comments

Alina sahzadi / Nokia X2 / October 16, 2014

drhu code

Eagle_Kiwi / LG T310 Cookie Style / June 3, 2012

USELESS, for same reason that Pedrink describes.

pedrink / Samsung T809 / December 23, 2010

I cant use the software. it asks for a activation code at: www.drhu.org but this site is not available. Someone has the code?

Liudvikas / Nokia 1680 classic / December 15, 2009

Also you can use http://www.ShowMyCode.com to decode QR bar codes. It Support UTF-8!