mGuard 1.1

Developer Vapssky
Date Added June 2, 2008
Type Free full version
Platforms Java ME
Connectivity Internet not required
Website mGuard website

Description by Vapssky

mGuard provides protection and safety from theft or loosing your cellphone device and helps to retrieve it back. Now the users can forget the fear of loosing their phone by protecting it using mGuard Software. As of now, mGuard is the world’s only Theft Recovery Software for Java phones(J2ME, JavaME, MIDP cellphones).

mGuard does not rely on Bluetooth, GPRS or GPS for its functionality and hence it can be used on mobile phones and areas where these are unavailable. SMS based Remote Control and spy on the stolen phones will be possible on the next release of mGuard. The complete documentation is available at in PDF format.

Features * Worlds First Theft Recovery Solution for Java Phones * Freeware * SMS notification on SIM Change to predefined number * Does not affect mobile performance in normal operation * Complete Stealth operations * Tiny installation footprint * Easy Configuration * Settings Password Protected

Currently Supports Sony Ericsson phones including K530i K550 K550i, K550c K610 K610i, K610c, K618i K790 K790i, K790c, K790a K800 K800i, K800c K810 K810i, K818c K770, S500i,S500c T650i,T650c W580 W580i, W580c W610 W610i, W610c W660 W660i W710 W710i, W710c W830 W830i, W830c W850 W850i, W850c W880 W880i, W888c Z310 Z310i, Z310a Z610 Z610i Z710 Z710i, Z710c Z750 Z750i,K850,W910i

Make sure to enable Messaging and autostart permissions after installation. You can get a free unlock code from

Reviews and Comments

suli / Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II / December 29, 2012


danu22 / Samsung GT-I8910 / April 1, 2012

MGuard is one of top mobile security which has the ability to remove viruses and malware as well. In addition, the interface design of this antivirus is very simple, easy to install and liked by many people. Let's check

sesygryn / SonyEricsson K800i / February 20, 2012

i tried the website you gave for the unlock code but could not retrieve it. Please i urgently need your help as to how to go about it.

Amar16 / SonyEricsson G502 / January 28, 2012

But how to download unlock code?

ice_manson / SonyEricsson G700 / September 21, 2011


mostafa / SonyEricsson G900 / February 4, 2011

how to active mguard for sony ericsson g900

firoz3321 / SonyEricsson K800i / November 30, 2008

This is a wonderful application, A MUST HAVE !!! I tried it and it sure works, it took little time but surely sent a message with IMIE nomber and the New Sim Card Number !! BRAVO !!!