BGBlitz2go 2.0

Developer Frank Berger
Date Added May 31, 2008
Type Free demo/trial version
Purchase the full version
Platforms Java ME
Connectivity Internet not required
Website BGBlitz2go website

Description by Frank Berger

Bgblitz2go is easy to use and graphically appealing. It's user interface works simply effortless. The AI is derived "BGBlitz" and is unreached on a mobile device. The version 2.0 is on the level of a human expert. Naturally easier levels are available too. A Fibs-client is included

Reviews and Comments

tia82 / Nokia N81 / March 27, 2009

Very nice backgammon game... playing the demo is quite frustrating, as it sometimes randomly quits the game.

Tara / Nokia E51 / August 1, 2008

Excellent Backgammon game with great graphics.