Developer cellity

cellity offers innovative mobile telephony services based on its own software technology compatible with nearly all cellphone models worldwide. The key product is the cellity Communicator, which offers free mobile email, free text messaging, easy conference calls and low cost international calls.

cellity Communicator
cellity Communicator is your new addressbook 2.0. Get all your contacts, all your messages and everything that is happening in your networks in just one place. cellity is free and offers all functions to you on your mobile and your computer. Get it now!  More/Download
Type: Free full version
cellity worldCALL
cellity worldCALL by cellity
Thanks to worldCALL whether you’re calling the United States from a Chinese mobile for 4 cents/min or Europe from an Indian mobile – it will always cost very little money! It runs on every SIM in every country. No contract! Get this hot new tool now!  More/Download
Type: Free full version
freeSMS by cellity
The new way to send SMS: send and write text messages to your friends for free. Up to 2048 characters, across ANY network, with ANY provider, ANY phone number and ANY SIM card when using freeSMS. Get it now!  More/Download
Type: Free full version