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Facebook Location Updater
Facebook Location Updater by Nano Equipment Pte Ltd
Facebook Location Updater (FLU) let you post update to your Facebook. The location name and a Google Maps link of your current location will be posted with your message automatically . FLU supports photo attachment and auto-update.  More/Download
Type: Free ad supported
Livecontacts Mobile
Livecontacts Mobile by Livecontacts
Livecontacts Mobile is a mobile application designed for Symbian S60 mobile phones with a GPS inside. A free and fun way to let your friends know where you are.  More/Download
Type: Free full version
SatTracx Mobile Locator
SatTracx Mobile Locator by SatNav Technologies Pvt Ltd
SatTracx mobile locator application helps to know your location or the whereabouts of your family, friends or your assets at anytime.  More/Download
Type: Free full version
Dimdix by Andres Rormoser
Dimdix is the social network that instantly connects you with people and places around you. Let your friends know what you are doing and where you are in real time from your mobile phone or computer! Does not require GPS to detect your location.  More/Download
Type: Free full version
Pocket Life beta
Pocket Life beta by Pocket Life Pty Ltd
Pocket Life is a web and mobile service that offers a seamless, integrated experience for communication, social networking, location based services, street and satellite mapping globally.  More/Download
Type: Free full version
Locle by Locle
Locle is a new type of buddy finder application for your phone. Locle lets you see a map of where your friends are and be notified when they come nearby. Locle does not require GPS on the phone, is free to download and free to use.  More/Download
Type: Free full version
aka-aki by aka-aki networks gmbh
never bored when on the go: the first mobile community with elk.  More/Download
Type: Free full version
Easy Locator for S60
Easy Locator for S60 by Melon JSC
Find the location of a mobile phone and see it on the map! Locate people via their phones or simply find your device if lost or stolen. Try for free!  More/Download
Type: Free demo/trial version
I am here for S60
I am here for S60 by Melon JSC
FREE now, limited-time offer! I am here is the precision-locating tool you can use any time directions are needed! Even GPS positioning can be unreliable, so with I am here you can manually fine-tune or pinpoint a new location. Then just send a tiny URL link to the map via SMS to the person(s) needi  More/Download
Type: Free full version
Nulaz by Nulaz
With Nulaz you can see where your friends are, share locations, and view local info. A cool party or the newest movie: Nulaz tells you what’s happening!  More/Download
Type: Free full version
Vicinity Match
Vicinity Match by Celltrigen Inc
Vicinity Match makes a match between you and other people nearby. Find your ideal date or make new friends nearby using Vicinity Match. It's FREE!  More/Download
Type: Free ad supported
Jivebug by Kalerion Computing SL
Jivebug is an amazing little app for your cell phone that automatically tells you when your friends in Facebook are around. Or the future love of your life. It's free, and it works.  More/Download
Type: Free full version
Tourality - move your mobile!
Tourality - move your mobile! by creative workline
Tourality is a real-life GPS game for your mobile phone that combines outdoor activity with virtual gaming experience. Equipped with a GPS-enabled mobile phone your challenge is to reach "spots" (points on virtual maps that you must reach in reality) as fast as possible - compete with your friends!  More/Download
Type: Free ad supported
WAY - Where are you?
WAY - Where are you? by VTGSoftware
Wanna find your friends? Wanna share your location with friends? Congratulations: YOU FOUND THE APPLICATION WHICH ALLOWS YOU THAT AND EVEN MORE.  More/Download
Type: Free ad supported